May – 31 Customers 31 Dreams

16 May,2018

May – 31 Customers 31 Dreams

Project – One year living in Central London

I decided when moving here to find a few places I like whether it be a coffee shop, cake shop, Chinese restaurant and stick to these. My objective was to meet new people and to get to know them… so I would feel and become part of a local community.

I am lucky in that I have about 6 coffee shops within about a minute from my front door (well maybe 2 minutes for some!). I chose Timberyard in Seven Dials as it was the closest and there was a really great group of staff and mix of customers, including many entrepreneurs setting up or running their own businesses and talking to other entrepreneurs is always an attraction.

3 - MUSCIANS 2-5125

So, the mini project was to photograph

  • 31 different customers
  • Asking them all the same question ‘what is your dream’
  • From 31 different nationalities

I was slightly hesitant about setting the last requirement, I thought it might be doable, however it would require quite a bit more effort.

4 - MUSCIANS 2-5151

It became apparent very quickly that waiting for people to sit at my table was not going to work… so I went for a direct approach, going up to customers, explaining the project and finding out where they were from. I also tried a new approach by showing them the photographs I had taken and asking them to choose their favourite and if they preferred a different style I would take more. The results were often quite different to what I expected.

2 - MUSCIANS 2-5138


All the photographs can be seen with the responses to ‘what is your dream’ on Instagram @jkempphotos

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