Jonathan Kemp’s primary focus is people.

Jonathan is particularly interested in how the camera can be used to meet people and to quickly build a rapport and relationship with them. This is something that would be very difficult to do so otherwise.

He has the unique ability to randomly approach complete strangers in public who are engaged in their daily activities or attending public events.
For Jonathan Kemp, the conversation is a key element of the photographic process. Whenever possible, he combines the photography with interviews. This allows him to gain a more in-depth understanding of the subject.

He strongly believes in giving back to the people that he photographs. Jonathan does this by showing them the pictures that he has taken and sending them copies. He tries to make them feel good about themselves through compliments or simple courtesy and laughter.

Jonathan primarily uses natural light. He keeps any editing to a minimum and does so only where it is appropriate. His main editing techniques are cropping the picture to highlight a particular aspect of the subject or modifying the lighting exposure.

Jonathan primarily uses natural light. His interest in natural light and shade includes changes in the weather and time of day as well as how this is reflected on the surrounding buildings and countryside. You can view some examples of this here.