Tim Hetherington (War photographer)

Tim Hetherington has combined a variety of skills in his work as a photographer. He has simultaneously worked as a journalist, videographer, humanitarian and teacher. His broad repertoire of skills has allowed him to get very close and involved with his subjects. This combined with the occasional use of a traditional box camera has created a very deliberate relationship with his subjects. He has also searched and successfully found nuances in the situations that he was reporting on. This occurred when he was embedded with US service personnel on the front line photographing them while they were sleeping. It was a situation where their relative youth became all too apparent. About Tim Hetherington

James Nachtwey (Photo journalist)

James has a very quiet, gentle approach to working with his subjects, which is respectful to their space and circumstances. As with other great photographers , there is a lot of thinking that goes on behind his work. He moves gently around and will look at and photograph a subject from multiple angles/perspectives. He is a strong advocate of being close, and if in doubt , the closer you get the better, and where necessary to put yourself in the middle. He advocates a high reward approach in conflicts. He also has a meticulous approach to organisation and documentation.  James Nachtwey

Duncan Raban(celebrity/unique experience photographer)

Duncan is a well-known photographer with over 30 years’ of experience taking photographs for national and international publications. He also ran his own photography agency. His specialised skills include gaining entry to ‘closed’ events to capture a different angle in order to create unique, unusual, fun, yet intimate photographs, including the ‘red carpet experience’.  Duncan Raban

Sebastiao Salgado (Social documentary photographer)

I remember seeing a lengthy article in a British magazine many years ago about miners from all walks of life working in a deep open mine, under very dangerous conditions. These pictures by Sebastiao of the miners and their perilous lives has stayed with me ever since. There is a strong link theme – economics (he was a trained economist) and a lot of his work is about the human being and their working lives. He then made a monumental and very successful shift to beautiful landscape photography.  Sebastiao Salgado

Brandon Stanton (Photographer and Blogger)

What is interesting about his work “Humans of New York”, is that he as a new photographer and within a short period of time, chose a very specific subject matter which he focused on – The people of New York. They are personal portraits in public places of people from all walks of life. Two things out which are how with persistence he was able to capitalise on the use of social media and interviewing his subjects. The excerpts from his interviews give a much greater depth and connection.  Brandon Stanton